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077 – Tony Kelly, Firmin & Sons – The Queen’s Button Maker

Tony Kelly Firmin and Sons

Join me on a factory tour around the Her Majesty The Queen’s button maker – Firmin & Sons.

Established in 1655, Firmin & Sons are the oldest, privately-owned manufacturing company in the UK.
At their prestigious metalworks in Birmingham they make not only buttons, but also ceremonial armour, helmets and other accoutrements.
Firmin & Sons’ sales manager, Tony Kelly, takes us on a tour to discover the rich heritage of a manufacturing firm that has held a Royal Warrant since the reign of George II.
  • The history behind the UK’s oldest, privately-owned manufacturer
  • How a Royal Warrant is awarded
  • What it takes to make a 364 year old company relevant for today
  • How Firmin & Sons is putting sustainability at the forefront of its manufacturing processes
More about Firmin & Sons

Foot-operated button making at Firmin House

Firmin House metalworks

Metal Button Making at Firmin & Sons

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  1. Marcia McGrail on August 16, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    A lovely, interesting and educational article. Mr Kelly is a compelling speaker. Every schoolchild should be encouraged to visit as they would learn a lot more from this fascinating glimpse into British history than they’d ever learn from years of listening to teachers droning on…

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