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Ethical Audit Committee Report on Sustainability in the UK Fashion Industry

ethical audit committee report on the sustainability of the uk fashion industry

This week the Government released the Ethical Audit Committee’s report into sustainability of the UK fashion industry.

The report raised the issue of the unethical practices of some manufacturers in Leicester that are giving ‘made in UK’ a bad name.

The report has recommended that there is a more proactive approach to HMRC’s enforcement of the national minimum wage in UK garment factories – this action cannot come quickly enough.

Those that are operating under the law need to be stopped so that the ethical manufacturers in the UK can be given the opportunity to shine.
You can view the full report here:

Fixing Fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability  (the part relating to UK manufacturing starts on page 15)

You may also be interested in Episode 031 when I interviewed Mick Cheema, from Basic Premier, a garment manufacturer in Leicester.

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