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Mustafa Fuat, Gosha London – Behind the Scenes of a High-End Garment Manufacturer

Mustafa Fuat Gosha LondonJoin me on a journey around the Gosha London studio to find out what the life of a high-end garment manufacturer is really like.

Mustafa Fuat started his manufacturing studio 23 years ago, knowing nothing about fashion OR manufacturing. He was in fact a pro footballer for Aston Villa!

He’s obviously been doing something right, as he now manufacturers for some of the world’s top womenswear brands and celebrities and royals have worn his beautifully made dresses.

In this episode, which was recorded at the Gosha studio, I find out how Mustafa motivates his staff, and the secret trick he has to keep designers on their toes!

Mustafa Fuat Gosha London

Princess Anne visiting Gosha London

Gosha London

the Gosha London Studio

Gosha London on Instagram



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  1. Bisi on August 29, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Wow!! That was inspiring. Never heard of Gosha before but left me full of energy and positivity for the British Fashion industry and the manufactures in particular.

    Gosha keep doing what you are doing

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