Where to source deadstock fabric – Deborah Lyons & Piarvé Wetshi, Last Yarn

Deborah Lyons and Piarve Wetshi Last Yarn Where to source deadstock fabric podcast episode

One of the biggest problems that many fashion firms face is how they can dispose of their deadstock fabric.

At the same time, designers often have issues with sourcing materials in small quantities.

In this episode, we meet Deborah Lyons and Piarvé Wetshi, the co-founders of Last Yarn, an online fabric marketplace that solves one of the fashion industry’s biggest problems.


  • [4:50] How the idea for Last Yarn came about
  • [6:30] How designers can source small quantities of a wide variety of fabrics on the Last Yarn marketplace.
  • [10:07] How platforms like this can help solve a problem for businesses that have leftover materials, and why it’s more sustainable
  • [27:03] How Last Yarn will be collaborating with schools and colleges

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