Running a conscious, luxury womenswear brand championing diversity, Shanna Bent, Maison Bent

Shanna Bent is the founder of the conscious fashion brand Maison Bent.

Having previously worked with Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret, Agent Provocateur, in 2019 Shanna set up her own luxury label, with a determination to bust the myth that black designers just do streetwear.

She’s had a lot of success in a short space of time, from showing at London Fashion Week to capturing the attention of the press and featuring in publications such as Vogue Italia.

In this interview, she talks about how to get press for your fashion brand and how her Jamaican grandparents who came to the UK during the Windrush era, have impacted her outlook on life and business.


  • [04:38] Shanna’s industry background working for some of the biggest names in fashion
  • [07:29] How Shanna first launched her brand back in 2016
  • [10:51] How news trends and making connections gained press and exposure for Maison Bent
  • [13:35] How Shanna is breaking down the misconceptions about black-owned fashion brands
  • [15:14] The effect Shanna’s Jamaican grandparents have on her outlook on life and her business
  • [17:12] Why Shanna believes that luxury and sustainability should go hand in hand
  • [19:13] Why Shanna is looking to use plant-based fibres for her collection pieces
  • [22:01] The rental service that Maison Bent offers directly from their website
  • [25:44] How Shanna works directly with her manufactures
  • [30:22] Shanna’s future goals for Maison Bent and why she believes people should be more educated about how garments are made

Watch the video interview for this episode on YouTube here.

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