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Celebrating the North of England’s creativity and manufacturing, Charlotte Raffo, The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Charlotte Raffo, The Monkey Puzzle Tree podcast

Charlotte Raffo is the founder of The Monkey Puzzle Tree, a homeware business that creates award-winning, artist-designed fabrics and wallpapers with a twist and a conscience.

Working with artists and designers to produce the most beautiful collection of products, Charlotte’s brand makes everything within a hundred-mile radius of Leeds.

The business has also recently won two awards for its design and innovation –  a Guildmark for their cork wallpaper, and ‘Best in British Product Design’ award at the Brit List Awards.


  • [03:02] Charlotte’s background and why she set up her own business
  • [10:20] How the brand works with local artists
  • [12:01] Why Charlotte chooses to not follow trends and work with artists with unique styles
  • [14:41] How Charlotte goes about deciding on the fabrics, processes and manufacturers to use to make her products
  • [23:37] The trade shows Charlotte attends and why she sees that as an important way to market her business
  • [32:54] Why Charlotte believes you have to invest in your business for the long term
  • [42:05] How the name of the brand came about

Watch the video interview of this episode on YouTube here.

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