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201 – 7 things that successful British-made brands do

Podcast episode 201 British-made brands

What are some of the things that I see successful British-made brands do consistently?

In the first episode of series 4 of the Make it British podcast, I look at what British-made brands do to make it great.

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  • [04:11] Why having a great story to tell can help customers relate to your business
  • [06:17] How doing one thing brilliantly is better for building brand loyalty
  • [08:40] Why developing close partnerships with your suppliers is so important
  • [10:35] Why you should always put your customers first
  • [11:47] Why you should pride quality over quantity when it comes to your products
  • [13:09] How being driven by purpose, not profit is the right way go to attract the right customers
  • [14:39] Why you will need to invest in your business no matter how amazing your product is

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