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From the archive: Why UK manufacturers don’t sample for free

Why UK manufacturers don't make samples for free podcast episode

Some people think UK manufacturers should do any initial work, like making samples, for no charge in order to pitch for your business.

But that’s often not the case.

In this episode, I explain why many manufacturers charge for sampling – and how that can be a good thing.


  • The incorrect assumptions people may have about why UK manufacturers don’t sample for free [01:02]
  • Why being charged for samples upfront means a manufacturer is going to be more honest about their pricing [02:39]
  • Why manufacturers charge for samples so they don’t get caught out being used as a ‘sampling house’ [06:41]
  • Why it’s worth investing to develop a strong relationship with a UK manufacturer [08:16]

If you want to find UK manufacturers to help make your products, the best place to start is browsing through our manufacturers directory. It is free to browse, we only ask that you mention you found them through Make it British.

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