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184 – Should you use a production consultant to help make your products?

Podcast episode 184

If you want to develop a range of products but have little manufacturing experience you might be thinking of employing the services of a production consultant.

In this episode, we look at the services that a production consultant might offer, and why you might not want to use one if you want to manufacture in the UK.

I’ve also got advice on how to choose a production consultant if you decide to go down that route, and what the alternatives are if you don’t want to use a third party to manage your production.


  • What is a production consultant? [02:13]
  • What services would a production consultant offer? [03:10]
  • When would you need someone to manage your production? [04:08]
  • Why you probably shouldn’t use a production consultant if you are making in the UK [06:01]
  • Questions to ask when looking for someone to manage your production [09:24]
  • What are your alternatives if you don’t want to use a production consultant? [16:07]

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  1. Sarah Cuthbert on July 5, 2021 at 4:31 pm

    Having worked with many start-ups (Castore, Play Brave, Head) over the years I would say its always worth while using a product consultant.
    A good one will recommend good suppliers and manufacturers, hold the clients hand through all the stages of R&D and development through to production.
    People like me have trained for a minimum of 4 years and have a large amount of industry experience, this cannot be replaced and a factory will not have the time to explain the processes so the client will not be aware of the potential pitfalls. We also act as a buffer between manufacturing and client easing the process.
    Its my belief the work we do and the experience we bring to the process is not valued as our role is not understood by the general public, until we are company owners will try to cut this process out by going direct to manufacturers at their peril.

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