A guide to digital textile printing – Debbie McKeegan, Texintel

Podcast 177 - Debbie McKeegan

Debbie McKeegan has over 30 years experience in textile printing – specifically digital printing. She is the founder of TexIntel, a platform that provides fantastic knowledge and advice to the digital print industry and also the host of the Texintel podcast.

In this episode Debbie answers all your burning questions about digital printing.

So if you find fabric printing, particularly digital fabric printing, confusing and frustrating, this episode will help to address many of your questions.



  • Debbie’s background in printed textiles and how she developed her love for production [02:11]
  • The reasons why Debbie set up Texintel [08:02]
  • Where designers should begin in terms of understanding the jargon and technicality of digital textile printing [10:36]
  • The challenges that a designer may face when looking to print their designs via digital textile printing and the tips Debbie offers to combat them [13:14]
  • The reasons why Debbie thinks digital printing will replace traditional types of printing over the next 5 to 10 years [21:06]
  • The innovative technology behind digital textile printing and what the future holds for the industry [27:21]
  • Why Debbie is passionate about the possibilities print offers to new designers and small brands [32:47]
  • Why Debbie thinks that clients are asking the wrong question in terms of digital printing costs [38:07]
  • Why digital printers can’t get their hands on sustainable fabrics and why Debbie thinks there should be regulations in the industry [41:52]
  • The advantages of setting up your own ‘micro factory’ to print your products [47:14]
  • Why print will always have a place in Debbie’s life [51:08]
  • The many heroes in the textile industry who Debbie looks up to [53:05]

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