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165 – How the pandemic has changed our manufacturing business – Jenny Holloway, Fashion Enter

Ep.165 Jenny Holloway

Today I’m chatting to UK garment manufacturer Jenny Holloway who I first featured on this show on episode 21 back in January 2019.


Jenny runs Fashion Enter, a social enterprise that makes 1,000s of garments every week in their North London factory.


Fashion Enter also runs a training academy teaching people the essential skills needed to work in fashion production and recently set up another factory in Wales which employs over 70 people.


In this episode, we catch up on what Jenny has been up to in the last two years, including making PPE and developing a totally reusable isolation gown. 


Jenny offers great insight into how she sees the relationship between the big retailers and UK manufacturers developing, and what the future holds for garment manufacturers as they turn into smart factories making on-demand and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Episode 21 featuring Jenny Holloway


  • How Fashion Enter rose to the challenge to supply PPE to the NHS [03:13]
  • Making a reusable gown that can be washed over 70 times [06:03]
  • How Fashion Enter pivoted during the pandemic [09:30]
  • How Jenny has built relationships with the online retailers [10:32]
  • How she has diversified the business to not be so reliant on just one type of customer [13:26]
  • Opening a new sewing factory in Wales [17:26]
  • Lessons learnt from setting up their own brand ‘B of London’ [22:48]
  • Opening up a retail space for designers [28:24]
  • How Jenny is helping to clean up garment manufacturing in Leicester [31:27]
  • Jenny’s thoughts on the future of garment manufacturing and how technology will play its part [42:35]

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The FC Fashion Collective

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