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154 – Made in UK vs Made in Britain

Podcast Ep.154 Made in UK vs Made in Britain

Should you use Made in UK or Made in Britain? And what’s the difference?

A few people have asked why we chose to call the awareness campaign Made in UK Day and not Made in Britain Day.

United Kingdon, Great Britain, The British Isles…it can be very confusing trying to get your head around all the different ways you can describe the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

In this episode, I break down what each one means.

You’ll also get to hear which one gets significantly more internet searches than the other.


  • A thank you to everyone that got involved with Made in UK Day [00:45]
  • The reach of Made in UK Day campaign and the huge demand for products made in the UK [01:18]
  • Why Made in UK Day and not Made in Britain Day? [02:36]
  • What Great Britain covers [04:26]
  • The area known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [05:29]
  • The British Isles [06:04]
  • Ireland [06:19]
  • Online searches for ‘made in UK’ compared to ‘made in Britain’ [07:55]

Prefer to read about this topic? Read our blog post ‘Made in Great Britain, Made in the UK or Made in the British Isles?’

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