Kath Whitworth, Celtic & Co

Based in Cornwall in the South West of England, Celtic & Co is the original sheepskin boot company.

Kath Whitworth and her husband Nick bought the business 30 years ago and trademarked the UGG boot in the UK.

In this episode, Kath tells the story of how the brand has evolved over the last three decades.

  • The history of the Celt boot
  • Why Cornwall has such an entrepreneurial spirit
  • How the company has navigated Covid*
  • Why Celtic & Co have focused on working with natural materials
  • Why it’s important that they manufacture locally


* This episode was recorded before England went into its second lockdown


3 thoughts on “Kath Whitworth, Celtic & Co”

  1. I really like Celtic & Co products, and I am of the same mindset at Kath, in that natural materials are sustainable.
    I therefore shy away from man-made materials, and don’t buy any of the fleeces etc made recycled plastic bottles, as I too believe that we shouldn’t be using plastic in the first place. I am also old enough to remember as a child taking our glass ‘pop’ bottles back to the local shop, in return for a small coin!
    However, I am a member of PETA, and from seeing some of their articles, I do struggle with the thought that some sheep are abused when being sheared for their wool. I would be keen to know how Kath ensures that the fibres she uses for their products, come from animals who have been looked after and treated well.

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