Some more interesting UK manufacturing statistics

made_in_britain_stoves_union_flag_cookerFurther to my post a while back with some interesting UK manufacturing statistics , I now have some more great findings* kindly given to me by Stoves, who still manufacture cookers in the UK from their Merseyside headquarters.
Their survey found:

  • Half of UK consumers think British brands should bring manufacturing back to the UK
  • 40% think HP Sauce is British-made (it’s not, it’s made in the Netherlands)
  • 43% think the same of Royal Doulton which although designed in the UK is now manufactured in the Far East
  • 32% rate Dyson as a British manufacturer despite production taking place in Malaysia
  • 23% did not know Raleigh had moved production to the Far East in 2003
  • 36% of people said that they buy British whenever they can
  • More than a third of people said they would buy British-made products more often if it was easier to identify them

As a result of the findings Stoves have launched a campaign for a standardised ‘Made In Britain’ marque to be used on British-made products. A nationwide student design competition is being run to create the marque, with the winning logo to be revealed in June 2011.

The more publicity that UK manufacturing receives like this, the more that the public will start to question where the products that they buy are actually made, and by whom. The majority of those polled by Stoves said that supporting UK manufacturing and jobs is the main incentive for them buy British. If those British-made products are made easier to identify by this new marque, then that would be great.

For more information about Stoves and its Made In Britain Marque campaign visit their website.

*Survey of 1,000 people carried out in January 2011 by Your Say Pays on behalf of Stoves