So you think we don't make clothing in the UK anymore?

Think we don’t make clothing or textiles in the UK anymore? Think again!

There was over £2bn worth of textiles produced in Britain last year…and that figure is growing.
My name is Kate Hills and I’m on a one-woman mission to save UK manufacturing.
After years as a buyer for big name brands I gave it all up to help support the textile manufacturing base that we have left in the UK.
I now help to connect UK manufacturers with buyers and designers looking to make their products locally.
Making in the UK means easier communication, greater transparency and faster lead-times. And in today’s economic climate it means less risk too.
If you are developing a product and you think that making in the UK is going to be too expensive then I urge you to think again.
Come and visit our trade show – Make it British Live! – and see for yourself the fantastic manufacturers and brands that we have that make in Britain 🇬🇧