263 – The Joy of Partnering with UK Manufacturers – Clare Winton, Grow Wild Outdoorwear

Welcome to Episode 263 of the Make it British Podcast!

Today I’m chatting to Clare Winton from Grow Wild Outdoorwear, a new brand for women in pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood.

Clare had the idea to develop her maternity brand three years ago, and started, as many start-ups do, by searching Google to find a manufacturer. This led her to a frustrating two years trying to develop her collection in China.

She then stumbled across Make it British, and I introduced her to factories in the UK who she’s been partnering with ever since.

Clare provides valuable advice on conducting customer research, navigating the challenges of garment production and the importance of face-to-face interactions with your manufacturer.


Clare Winton is the founder of Grow Wild Outdoorwear, a range of outdoor clothing and accessories for pregnancy and early motherhood.

After a semi-feral childhood growing up in West Ireland, she now lives in wild West Wales. She has spent 15 years working as a Quality Assurance Auditor, has a PhD in population genetics and is a volunteer trained Samaritans “Listener”. Her outdoor passions include exploring local mountains and camping with her family.

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