292 – Reviving the UK Button Making Industry with Courtney & Co Button Makers

Today’s guests are Andrea and David Courtney from Courtney & Co buttonmakers

Back in 2012 I was contacted by someone who was trying to save the UK’s last remaining horn button maker – Grove & Sons. He was looking for investors to buy up the machinery and pattern books from the business so that the art of natural button making in the UK was not lost.

Well it turns out that the investor that this guy eventually found was someone called David Courtney, who saw an ad to buy the machinery and patterns, and decided that he wanted to help.

But things are never as easy as the seem, and this initial investment took David Courtney down a very long and winding path to bring button making back to the UK.

Over a decade later and David Courtney now has an amazing button-making factory in the Cotswolds, with state of the art machinery, producing buttons from 3 different types of materials. He’s also enlisted his lovely wife Andrea to head the factory up, and they now supply the most beautiful buttons to brands and designers wanting an authentic UK-made button, still made using the original patterns that David saved from Grove & Sons.

This interview was recorded onsite in their factory in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, and Andrea and David recount the full tale of how Courtney & Co buttons got to where they are today.

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