283 – Tackling Textile Waste as a Slow Fashion Designer with Lydia Bolton

Today’s guest is Lydia Bolton, a slow fashion designer tackling textile waste by upcycling unwanted fabrics and garments and turning them into one-off pieces.

As well as having her own label, Lydia also teaches others how to upcycle with workshops that she runs and in her partnerships with big brands such as Lidl, Nike, Adidas and Lime bikes.

We chat about:

  • How Lydia started out in fashion and textiles and where she learnt to sew.
  • The challenges of upcycling and making one-off pieces.
  • Where she sources her raw materials from and how deadstock can be a misleading term.
  • Her decision to only rent and not sell her garments going forward.
  • How she collaborates with big brands to spread the word about upcycling.
  • How she is teaching people to sew with her upcycling workshops.


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