270 – Sustainability Insights for Small Businesses with Mark Shayler

Welcome to episode 270!

In this episode I’m chatting with the fascinating Mark Shayler about all things sustainability.

Mark is the author of You Can’t Make Money From a Dead Planet, he consults with businesses big and small to help them do better when it comes to their environmental footprint, and he is one of the co founders of Reasons to be Cheerful, a platform for spreading good cheer and hope in a world that can sometimes feel bereft of both.

We discuss the environmental cost per wear of a garment; why wool is such a great fibre; which is better – recycled polyester versus cotton ( the answer may surprise you); and what other fibres we could be growing in the UK to be more regenerative.

About Mark Shayler

Mark is a sustainability consultant, author of You Can’t Make Money From A Dead Plant, and one of the founders of publishing and events company Reasons to be Cheerful.

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