259 – The Impact of Brexit on Small Businesses in the UK Textile Industry – Tamara Cincik, Fashion Roundtable

In this episode I’m joined by Tamara Cincik, founder of think tank Fashion Roundtable to discuss the impact of Brexit on small UK textile businesses.

We delve into the challenges of supporting and promoting heritage brands, the need for trade associations to refocus their agendas, and the importance of heritage manufacturing in the textile industry.

The conversation includes a discussion of the plight of Cluny Lace, the last manufacturer of Nottingham lace in England, and the negative impact of Brexit on small businesses.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The challenges facing heritage manufacturers like Cluny lace
  • Impact of Brexit on small businesses in the UK textile industry
  • The role of trade associations in the fashion industry
  •  Importance of traditional skills and machinery

About Tamara Cincik and Fashion Roundtable

Tamara Cincik is the founder of Fashion Roundtable, an industry think tank established in 2017. With a background in the fashion industry as a stylist and editor, she founded Fashion Roundtable to give the fashion industry a voice in politics. With a British-Turkish background , Tamara has a strong connection to textiles and fashion through her family heritage. Fashion Roundtable is the secretariat for the All Party parliamentary group for ethics and sustainability and fashion and Cincik is an advocate for change in the political landscape to benefit the fashion industry as a whole.

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