255 – What can Bentley Motors teach British-made brands about selling in a downturn?

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Recently Bentley Motors announced their financial results for 2022, which revealed they’d had their best year ever. This is a luxury car brand, made in the UK, having a phenomenal year during a cost of living crisis.

In this episode I discuss what small business can learn from Bentley’s recent success, especially when it comes to price positioning.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Bentley Motors had a phenomenal year in 2022 [01:48]
  • What you need to calculate before you discount your prices. [03:21]
  • Why profit is vanity and turnover is sanity. [05:37]
  • Two valuable lessons you can learn from Bentley’s pricing strategy. [06:28]

Read the Bentley Motors financial results for 2022 here.