251 – Can You Sell Your Products without Using Social Media?

Welcome to Series 5!

After taking a couple of months hiatus to focus on writing my book, I’m back with a brand new series.

I’ll be answering all of your most commonly asked questions about manufacturing, marketing and selling products that are made in the UK, and have some fantastic guests lined up for this series too.

In this episode you’ll hear a snippet from Selling Without Social – a workshop I ran recently, which covers all of the different ways that you can market and sell your UK-made products without using social media.

You’ll learn:

  •  What Make it British has been up to during the podcast break [01:29]
  • Why you should look at other forms of marketing, other than social media [04:59]
  • How UK brands and businesses are currently feeling about social media [06:26]
  • Which other forms of digital marketing offer a higher return on investment [09:48]
  • Why it’s dangerous to rely on social media to build your business [13:40]
  • Which marketing content has the longest lifespan [17:07]

Selling Without Social

An online workshop covering 140 different ways that you can market and sell your product-based business without using social media!

Sign up at makeitbritish.co.uk/sws and you’ll also get a £10 discount as a podcast listener.

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