247 – Attracting Customers & Creating Raving Fans

How do you attract the right peoplt to your brand, and keep them coming back for more?

In this excerpt from one of the sessions at the Make it British Virtual Forum, you’ll hear the ways in which three successful business founders are marketing their brands – and some of the tips they share may surprise you! My guests are Justine Tabak, from womenswear brand Justine Tabak; Jack Millington, from leathergoods brand Billy Tannery and Rosie Macpherson, from dog travel brand Where’s Winnie.


  • 06:10 What forms of marketing are working for these successful British brands right now.
  • 11:09 How Rosie built up her audience before even launching her first product.
  • 15:38 Why stories help these brands to stand out.
  • 19:26 How each of the brands come up with ideas for marketing content.
  • 22:50 Their thoughts on TikTok versus Instagram.
  • 29:46 What really works with their email marketing.
  • 33:15 Thoughts on Black Friday and why should avoid it


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