246 – Made in London – Carmel King and Mark Brearley

There are around 4,000 manufacturers based in Greater London, making everything from bicycles, ballet shoes, military uniforms, neon signs, umbrellas, mannequins and paint. Photographer Carmel King and factory owner Mark Brearley have produced a stunning book showcasing 50 of the best manufacturers in London. In this interview I talk to them about London’s rich and diverse manufacturing heritage and how they selected their favourite factories to go into the book.


  • 02:11 How the idea of the book came about
  • 04:12 How the 50 factories and workshops were picked to be featured
  • 09:11 How Mark loved one factory so much that he bought it!
  • 12:16 Some of Mark and Carmel’s favourite London factories.
  • 16:01 The biggest challenge facing the inner city’s factories and workshops.
  • 22:13 Carmel’s tips on how to take good quality photographs in factories


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