244 – Sharing Wellness Through Well-Made Bags – Oscar Boatfield, Bearmade

In this episode, I chat with Oscar Boatfield, who is one of the co-founders of bags and accessory brand BearMade who make all of their bags in the UK. If ever there was a great example of a business doing the right thing by both the planet and its customers, then BearMade is definitely it.


  • 02:27 What Oscar was doing before BearMade which led to the launch of his business
  • 07:00 How Oscar found BearMade’s niche market
  • 09:09 Why Oscar doesn’t offer discounts on their products
  • 11:20 Why Oscar and his wife Nell set up The Wildish Club
  • 14:20 How BearMade sticks by their brand ethics
  • 20:14 Why Oscar has been so honest with their customers about raising the prices of their products
  • 22:20 How Oscar is able to retain good value on his well-made bags


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