236 – How to Find a UK Manufacturer

Do you want to manufacture in the UK but factories keep giving your efforts the silent treatment? This one’s for you. In this episode, I share five actionable tips for things that you can do before you start to reach out to a manufacturer in the UK to find your perfect manufacturing partner. Discover:

  • 03:30 The reason why manufactures might not be getting back to you
  • 07:52 How doing your research makes you look more attractive to UK manufacturers 
  • 09:54 Why you can’t expect manufacturers to source your raw materials
  • 12:20 How your cost price will determine how much you can sell your product for
  • 16:16 Why having a clear brief is going to save you time and money
  • 19:02 Why it’s important to visit the factory you’re looking to work with

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