229 – Why Buying British is Key to Retaining UK Craftship

In this episode, recorded as an Instagram Live on Made in UK Day, I chat to two British makers:

  • Joseph Azagury, a high-end women’s footwear designer with his own atelier in Wimbledon, London
  • Nelson and Jenny Were from leather goods brand Nelson Were.

We chat about how the both of them learned their craft and why it’s so important to keep these sorts of skills alive in the UK. Discover: 

  • 04:44 Joseph’s background and how he got into handcrafting high-end footwear in the UK
  • 07:17 How Nelson applied the skills he learnt at university to start up his own leather goods business
  • 12:08 Why Joseph believes there needs to be more government support for the manufacturing industry
  • 13:37 Joseph’s thoughts on spreading the awareness of British-made products
  • 14:52 Nelson’s advice for start-ups looking to make in the UK
  • 16:24 Why Jenny believes it’s so important to support your local brands

More about Joseph Azagury

Joseph Azagury Website

Joseph Azagury on Instagram

More about Nelson Were

Nelson Were Website

Nelson Were on Instagram


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