226 – Live Panel Discussion with 3 UK manufacturers

In this episode, recorded as an Instagram Live on Made in UK Day, I chat to three UK manufacturers:

  • Karen and Neville Clokey from NC Lancaster, who make cushions in Lancashire
  • Steff McGrath from Something Wicked, a UK-made lingerie brand and manufacturer.
  • Alison Pottie from Wonky Woolies, a knitted accessory manufacturer in Scotland.

We chat about why local manufacturing is important to them. The history of textile manufacturing in their areas, and how they find and retain skilled staff. Discover:

  • 03:44 Alison’s thoughts on why it’s so important to be supporting local businesses
  • 06:54 The challenges Neville and Karen face when looking to recruit skilled machinists and their response to that
  • 09:09 How Steff works with a local university to encourage students into manufacturing
  • 13:11 What we can do to help educate people about buying products that are made in the UK.
  • 14:32 The value of a UK-made product overseas
  • 16:36 How UK manufacturers are dealing with rising costs
  • 18:03 Why it’s better to make in the UK as you can make smaller quantities which is more sustainable.

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