223 – Launching an Innovative New Dog Product – Rosie Macpherson

Rosie Macpherson is the founder of Where’s Winnie, a luxury dog travel brand.

Rosie came to me when she had an idea to develop an innovative new type of dog car seat. One where a small dog can travel in style and comfort, but which also offered safety and security. In this episode, Rosie talks us through the journey from the initial idea for her product, to a very successful launch. Discover:

  • 03:55 How the brand Where’s Winnie came about
  • 07:34 How Rosie handles juggling the new business with her family life and day job
  • 09:26 What Rosie found most daunting about developing a new product in the UK
  • 13:33 Rosie’s experience working with UK manufacturers
  • 17:06 How Rosie planned the successful launch day of Where’s Winnie’s first dog car seats
  • 21:49 How Rosie was able to gather invaluable customer feedback through Instagram

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Where’s Winnie Website


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