218 – Recycling Old Clothing into Brand New Luxury Products, Graham Holbrook

In this episode, I’m chatting with Graham Holbrook from Turtle Doves, a company that recycles cashmere jumpers into brand new products, including their signature fingerless gloves, which sell over 200,000 pairs a year.

Graham talks about how Turtle Doves manage teams of outworkers in the UK to make their products. And we also discuss an exciting new project that Turtle Doves are working on, which is reviving the lost manufacturing process of shoddying. If you don’t know what shoddy is you will have to listen to find out!



  • 03:28 How Turtle Doves started and how they got into making accessories from secondhand cashmere
  • 06:05 How the manufacturing process has changed since the business has grown
  • 08:40 How the business manages hundreds of outworkers to produce their high-quality accessories
  • 17:32 What Graham believes has attributed to the success of Turtle Doves
  • 22:47 How Graham ensures a constant supply of cashmere and why the fibre is so important to the business
  • 25:04 The charity scheme that Turtle Doves has set up to give back to their customers
  • 26:35 How Turtle Doves has been working with a factory to bring back the lost manufacturing process of shoddy


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