216 – Should You Raise Your Prices?

The price of everything is going up at the moment – from fuel prices and taxes, to raw materials and shipping. But what does this mean for you if you have a business that makes in the UK? In this episode, you’ll hear thoughts from our Make it British members, both brands selling UK-made products and UK manufacturers, on what price increases they’re seeing. And how that is affecting their businesses.

And I give my advice on how you can deal with the cost rises.



  • 03:05 How other existing UK businesses are feeling about putting up their prices
  • 05:13 Whether UK manufacturers will be looking to increase their prices
  • 09:05 The difficult decisions businesses are needing to make and how they’re being communicated to their customers
  • 11:05 How small businesses are seeing the positives out of rising cost prices
  • 14:50 The six tips for how you can deal with price increases

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