215 – Showcasing Scotland’s Textile Industry, Kitty Bruce-Gardyne

Kitty Bruce-Gardyne is the founder of Scottish Textiles Showcase. Originally set up to give people special guided tours around the textile mills in Scotland, Scottish Textile Showcase is now a retail destination in Edinburgh.

The shop represents some of Scotland’s best textile businesses and Kitty tells the story of why she so passionately supports the Scottish textile industry.

There’s also a video version of this interview. So if you want to see inside Kitty’s store, head on over to the Make it British YouTube channel.


  • 02:55 How Kitty came to run textile tours around Scotland
  • 08:09 Why she decided to set up her shop the Scottish Textiles Showcase
  • 13:33 How Kitty decides which makers are represented in her shop
  • 17:22 Why Kitty believes the Made in Scotland brand is so important
  • 21:57 The collection of traditional Scottish textiles that are available both instore and online
  • 28:48 How you can book your own tour to visit Scotland’s textile mills


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Scottish Textiles Showcase Website


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