213 – How to Launch an Athleisure Brand Made in the UK

In this episode, I chat with Chris Kyriacou, founder of activewear brand Soma Sportswear. Chris contacted me in 2019, looking for help to find manufacturers to make his very unique athleisurewear. In this episode, Chris talks through the process of going from idea to fully-fledged product and how we worked together to find the right factories. Discover:

  • 02:35 Chris’ background and why he decided to launch his own athleisure brand
  • 05:34 How Chris worked with Kate to overcome the challenges of looking for a manufacturer to make his garments
  • 08:50 What makes the fabric that Chris’ uses in his collection so innovative
  • 10:03 How Chris assures that his supply chain is as sustainable as possible
  • 15:42 Chris’ top tips for anyone looking to launch their own athleisure brand
  • 18:47 The benefits of using silver in the fabric specifically for athleisurewear


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