197 – The Importance of Quality – Maria Grachvogel

London-based designer Maria Grachvogel is renowned for her clever use of cutting to flatter the female figure. In this interview, Maria talks about why she has chosen to use more UK manufacturers for her collection, and how changing her business model has helped her to build closer relationships with her clients. She also discusses the importance of quality, and how buying less, of better quality would solve many of the sustainability issues with clothing and fashion.


  • How Maria’s childhood shaped her fashion career 02:02
  • Maria’s beliefs on producing garments that are designed to last 04:48
  • How Maria is reshoring her production back to the UK 11:59
  • The reason why Maria’s clients prefer well-made products over fast fashion 22:09
  • Maria’s thoughts on how we can educate consumers and encourage them to buy quality garments 29:25
  • What’s next for Maria’s brand in terms of sustainability and introducing new technology 37:25


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