189 – Calling out Boohoo for using unethical garment factories – Dominique Muller

Labour Behind the Label is a workers rights organisation that fights for living wages for garment workers. They have produced a report about the unethical working practices of factories in Leicester making for Boohoo. The industry has often called into question how Boohoo can sell dresses for £4 and still make them ethically in the UK, and this report by Labour Behind the Label makes for distressing reading. Talking of staff made to work in factories making Boohoo clothes whilst suffering from Covid 19. Dominique Muller is the policy director at Labour Behind the Label, and in this episode, she talks about what needs to be done to ensure workers in Leicester are treated fairly and paid a living wage. 


  • Who Labour Behind the Label are and how the organisation came about 04:27
  • Why the organisation is focusing on the UK garment industry in particular 06:05
  • The reasons why Boohoo has been singled out in the report written by Labour Behind the Label 08:57
  • What local councils and other authorities can do to stop unethical factories 11:45
  • The worst discoveries that Labour Behind the Labour made when they looked into how garment workers were treated during the pandemic 15:26
  • Dominque’s thoughts on how the good manufacturers in Leicester would benefit from brands returning to the city 17:47
  • The work Labour Behind the Label does to educate brands and retailers on how to make sure their production is ethical 20:15
  • What distinguishes a brand or retailer that is ethical to its workers 23:33
  • What the consumer can do to make sure they aren’t funding unethical practices and companies 26:42
  • Why brands should be more transparent about where their products are made 29:21
  • What the government could be doing better in terms of positive changes being made in the fashion industry 32:16
  • How people can support Labour Behind the Label 40:24


About Labour Behind the Label

About Labour behind the Label

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