184 – Should you use a production consultant to help make your products?

If you want to develop a range of products but have little manufacturing experience you might be thinking of employing the services of a production consultant.In this episode, we’re going to look out what services a production consultant might offer, and why you might not want to use one if you want to manufacture in the UK.I’ve also got advice on how to choose a production consultant if you decide to go down that route, and what the alternatives are if you don’t want to use a third party to manage your production.


  • What is a production consultant? 02:13
  • What services would a production consultant offer? 03:10
  • When would you need someone to manage your production? 04:08
  • Why you probably shouldn’t use a production consultant if you are making in the UK 06:01
  • Questions to ask when looking for someone to manage your production 09:24
  • What are your alternatives if you don’t want to use a production consultant? 16:07

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