181 – Looking after Scotland’s oldest cashmere brand – Simon Cotton

Johnstons of Elgin is the largest textile manufacturer in the UK. The 223-year-old company employs over 1,000 people and was the first to bring cashmere weaving to Scotland.

Simon Cotton, the chief executive of Johnstons, describes himself as working for the most exciting company in the UK. Listen to find out how he plans to make the company last long into their next 200 years. Discover:

  • How Johnstons aim to bring new generations into the business [11:12]
  • How the business has had to adapt to the Covid situation [14:38]
  • Johnstons need to focus on high-value products whilst also staying current [18:37]
  • Celebrating 120+ years of supplying Burberry [25:31]
  • How the business is making its products more sustainable [26:58]
  • Where Simon sees the business heading into the next 200 years [29:53]

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