179 – Growing a UK-made lifestyle brand – Rebecca J Mills

Rebecca Mills has a background in buying and retail for some big-name brands, yet when it came to running her own business she found it very different.

In this episode, she talks about how different it is running her own brand and some of the common mistakes that it is easy to make when you love designing products! Discover:

  • The challenges of developing a product for your own brand versus doing it for a big, corporate company 08:16
  • How to value engineer a product to make your prices work 08:54
  • Why Rebecca decided to make in the UK 11:29
  • Why Rebecca is using the words ‘responsible’ and ‘transparent’ rather than sustainable 13:20
  • The benefits of having a bricks and mortar store to gain valuable customer feedback 16:39
  • How working with Kate in her coaching programme has helped Rebecca to get clarity on her product range 20:30
  • How Rebecca has gained confidence in her brand message and being able to focus more on how she spends her time 23:26
  • Rebecca’s advice for selling on marketplaces and how she’s made it work for her business 31:04

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