134 – Should you move your manufacturing to the UK?

Are you currently making your product overseas but thinking about bringing it back to the UK?

The pandemic has caused ongoing supply chain disruption and many businesses are now looking to make locally.

In this episode, I look at what some of the pros and cons are of moving your manufacturing closer to home.

I also give some tips for how to reshore your production as smoothly as possible if that’s something you’re looking to do.


  • The reasons you might want to bring your manufacturing to the UK
  • The benefits of making in the UK versus overseas
  • What the potential pitfalls might be if you decide to explore manufacturing in the UK
  • Why it’s important to test a small range rather than moving all of your production in one go
  • When it might not be possible to manufacture here
  • How to overcome the higher labour costs of making in the UK
  • The PR and marketing opportunities of making in the UK

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