123 – A pivotal time for UK retail

It’s back to business this week for many retailers – but how will shopping change post-lockdown? And what effect will this have on businesses that manufacture locally?

Whilst some people are rushing out hoping to secure a bargain on the seasonal stock that retailers are trying to shift before the summer ends, many others will be slightly more reticent about heading out to busy high streets and shopping centres.

Lockdown has created a sense of community and of supporting local businesses. This presents a great opportunity for small businesses and favours those that manufacture locally as consumers turn their back on imported goods. 

I think we’ll start to see high streets change and become much more focused around community and independent shops. It’s an interesting time.

If you’re a UK-made business you’re in a great position right now as we go through this time of extraordinary change.

In this episode I offer advice for how locally made businesses can make the most of this big change in consumer buying behaviour.

Holly Tucker’s Open Letter to British Shoppers

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