095 – How to validate your UK-made product idea

Lots of people try to launch a business or collection with a huge range of products. They then find they don’t have enough funds to manufacture everything they set out to.

They make expensive mistakes and their initial vision may never come to fruition.

Or they try to find cheaper manufacturers in order to squeeze everything into their budget to buy a huge amount of stock

You don’t need a perfect collection to launch a product, or a cheaper manufacturer, what you need is to start small and test your idea first.

In this episode I discuss the ways in which you can validate your product idea, without spending a huge amount of money OR buying a whole load of stock.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to test a product idea before you order bulk production from your manufacturer
  • What you need to prepare in order to validate a product idea
  • Why something is better than perfect
  • The different platforms you can use to test your product idea
  • What do you do when sales go well and your idea is validated
  • And what to think about if your initial test doesn’t go as planned

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