086 – Pippa Dziubinski, The Little Art Collection

When Pippa Dziubinski started a business making printed bamboo baby muslins 2 years ago one of the most important things was being able to make the product in the UK.

But she faced many of the same struggles that other new businesses face when trying to find a manufacturer – they just weren’t that readily available.

Through perseverance and hard work Pippa eventually discovered the ideal manufacturing partners – and The Little Art Collection was born.

In this interview Pippa talks about how she went about finding her manufacturers, as well as sharing some great tips for others launching a UK-made business, including:

  • Find your niche
  • Focus on one thing and do it well
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Be persistent, keep going
  • Don’t be afraid to price how you need to to make it work
  • Give products a year to really test them
  • Don’t doubt yourself

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