079 – 8 ways in which a UK-made product is more sustainable

If you’re purchasing something new does seeking out a product that is made in the UK offer sustainability benefits over one made overseas? There’s a lot of talk about sustainability at the moment when it comes to the products that we buy. And you can’t seem to turn without one brand or another launching something that is supposedly sustainable/green or eco.

The cynic in me would say that a lot of this is greenwash

After all, if you were living a totally sustainable life you wouldn’t buy anything new at all would you?

And it’s certainly why climate protestors Extinction Rebellion have called for London Fashion Week to be cancelled – the hamster wheel of fashion, that implores people to buy new clothing to keep up with the latest trends, is not conducive to saving the earth’s natural resources.

But I would say that it is not the high end garments which you see on the catwalks that are the problem – because they are often produced in small quantities and to a high quality, but it’s the cheap high street copies of these catwalk items that cause the issue, often replicating luxury fabrics such as silk into plastic fibres such as polyester, they are priced so cheaply that consumers don’t think twice about chucking them out. And it’s not just clothing which has become throwaway

Similarly household items like furniture, and digital products are designed for obsolescence.

So if you are making a decision about purchasing something, does seeking out a product that is made in the UK offer sustainability benefits over one made overseas?

In many ways I think it does.

In this episode I run through the 8 reasons why I think buying a product made in the UK is more sustainable. Can you guess what they might be?

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