076 – Jack Millington, Billy Tannery – Setting Up the UK’s Only Goat Tannery

Billy Tannery is the first new goat leather company and tannery in the UK for over 50 years. Despite knowing nothing about leather production when they started, Jack Millington and his co-founder Rory Harker set up their micro tannery in 2016 after discovering the terrible waste of goatskins that are a bi-product of the meat industry. They use the goatskins to make their own leathergoods products for their Billy Tannery brand, as well as for collaborations with other British companies such as Crown Northampton. In this interview Jack talks all about the complexities of setting up the UK’s only goat tannery. Discover:

  • How Billy Tannery came about
  • The processes involved in tanning goat skin
  • The difference between the types of leathers from different animals and which is more sustainable
  • What kid skin is!
  • How support from others in the UK leather industry has helped them to launch the brand
  • The collaborations they have planned going forward
  • Advice he’d give to others thinking of launching a brand made in the UK

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