053 – Isabelle Ugochukwu, Isabella Queen – Launching and Growing a Premium British-Made Brand

Starting a British-made brand is a big undertaking. Isabella Ugochukwu has done just that, and in this episode shares her advice on launching, and growing, a premium British-made leather goods brand.

I’ve known Isabelle for several years now and I’ve watched her business grow and blossom. She always has fantastic advice to offer those that are also making in the UK, or wishing to start out so this episode is well worth listening to if you’re someone who wants to launch a product-based business and wants to make in the UK. She also talks about how she has developed a fantastic relationship with her manufacturer and how that’s allowed her to pivot the direction in which her business is taking her.

In this interview Isabelle discusses:

  • The costs of launching a premium leathergoods brands
  • The importance of finding the right manufacture for you and your product
  • Where to source UK manufacturers
  • How and where to market a British-made brand
  • Finding buyers for premium products
  • The challenges Isabelle has faced on her journey
  • How much it cost her to launch her brand


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