051 – Adam Robertson, Kalopsia Collective – Small Batch Manufacturing

Kalopsia Collective is a social enterprise run by Adam Robertson and his wife Nina Falk. They do small batch manufacturing for designers and printmakers and in a simple and transparent way.

Their aim is to create a sustainable alternative to traditional production systems using their assemble manufacturing method, thereby minimising waste and environmental impact with the added benefits of small minimum orders orders and lower materials costs.

Kalopsia Collective are finalists in this year’s Made in Scotland awards.

In this interview Adam discusses:

  • Why his business helps make manufacturing simple for fabric designers
  • Why he made Kalopsia Collective a social enterprise
  • What he’s doing to make the fashion and textile industry more sustainable.
  • His advice for designers looking for small batch manufacturing
  • Why manufacturers charge upfront for sampling
  • Advice for others wanting to set up a small batch manufacturing unit

More about Kalopsia Collective 

Kalopsia Collective are exhibiting at Make it British Live! Meet them there on 29 & 30 May at Business Design Centre, London.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Registering as a Community Interest Company

Scottish Leather Group

School for Social Entrepreneurs

Shownotes: www.makeitbritish.co.uk/051

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