043 – Simon Middleton, Brand Advisor – How to Build a British-made Brand

What makes a great British brand?

In this episode I chat to brand guru Simon Middleton about what makes an average brand stand out from an extraordinary one.

Simon is my go-to authority on anything to do with creating a brand and telling brand stories – he’s been voted one of the world’s Top 30 branding professionals, and his book How to Build a Brand in 30 Days is a must-read for anyone who is launching a new business.

Simon was the founder of British-made clothing brand Shackleton clothing, which he launched on Kickstarter and grew into a successful business stocked in stores worldwide.

He has also advised the Harris Tweed Authority, and many other household names, on brand strategy.

In this interview we discuss what makes a great British brand, and why he has coined the phrase ‘contributive business’ when referring to organisations that operate with authentic meaning and purpose.

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