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Kate Hills

Kate Hills is the founder and CEO of Make it British.

Kate Hills Founder and Editor of Make it British

Kate Hills – Founder and Editor of Make it British


Twenty years working as a designer and buyer for brands such as Burberry and M&S and multiple product sourcing trips overseas prompted Kate to set up the Make it British website to help promote UK manufacturing and British-made brands. Now in its fifth year, the website has gone from strength to strength, and Kate has appeared regularly on television and radio espousing her firm belief that manufacturing in the UK is thriving, cost-effective and sustainable.


Kate regularly advises businesses of all sizes on how to find and work with UK manufacturers. Having run Make it British for so many years she has an unparalleled knowledge of the UK supply chain and the whereabouts of a vast range of UK manufacturers. Click here if you want Kate to help you find a UK manufacturer.

Trade Show

Seeing a growing number of requests to help connect businesses with UK manufacturers, in 2014 Kate came up with the idea of  Meet the Manufacturer – a trade show and conference exclusively for UK manufacturers. The event brings together the best of British manufacturers with buyers and designers looking to have their products made in Britain. 

UK Fashion & Textile Association

Since 2015 Kate has been a board member of the UK Fashion & Textile Association. The UKFT provides practical support, export advice, information exchange and a voice to government and retailers on the UK textile industry.

Public Speaking

Kate speaks regularly at events and conferences. To make an enquiry for your event call 01372 610808 or contact her here.

Made in Britain Campaign

Kate is no longer connected with an organisation known as the Made in Britain Campaign. If you wish to find out why you can read this article.

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