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So, you're looking for a UK manufacturer?

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10 mistakes made by start-ups manufacturing in the UK

Launching your own brand and manufacturing your product in the UK? Here are 10 of the common mistakes that I see start-ups make and how to avoid them. 1. Not allowing enough time to develop a product By far the biggest mistake  that I see start-ups make is to not allow enough time to develop a…

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How to calculate the cost price of a product

So, you know what it is you want to make and what you want to make it from, but how do you calculate the cost price for it? Let’s talk about prices – in particular cost prices. Why it’s important to have a target cost price, the best way of calculating that price and how…

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How should you price your British-made products? Use our easy cost price calculator to find out

Confused about where to start when costing your British-made product? Our easy cost price calculator can help you work it out. One of the biggest issues I see with businesses launching a British-made product is not building in enough margin to wholesale. The typical newbie usually does something like this…the manufacturer gives you a cost…

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How much does it cost to start a British-made fashion brand?

Think you can launch a fashion brand with £500? I’m sorry to break this to you, but that amount of money might not even touch the sides! We asked Make it British members to reveal how much it cost them to launch their brand and the results may surprise you… I’m sure many of you…

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How to build your British-made brand with Ruth Farrell

Starting a British-made fashion brand? Watch our video interview with fashion consultant and British-made brand owner Ruth Farrell, to gain valuable insight into how you can build your brand. Ruth Farrell has 30 years experience in the fashion industry from fashion assistant to creative manager and has worked across retail, etail and wholesale.  She works…

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What is an MOQ, and how do you overcome them?

If you’re looking to manufacture a product you’ll likely have heard people talking about MOQs.  But what exactly does that mean? Why do manufacturers have them? And, how can you overcome high MOQs? So what exactly is an MOQ?  It stands for minimum order quantity. As the name suggests, it is the lowest amount that…

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Why do manufacturers not get back to your emails? And how to correct it

Have you sent an email to a manufacturer and not got a response? In this article I outline the 3 common reasons why you may not have heard back, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again One of the most common complaints I hear about UK manufacturers is that they don’t get back…

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What’s the difference between a Full-Service and CMT manufacturer?

Do you know what materials you need to produce your product? Thought the manufacturer would do this for you?  Depending on whether they are a Full-Service or CMT manufacturer, this is not always the case. In this article I explain the difference between these two types of manufacturer and why it’s likely you will need to…

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How to build a successful relationship with your manufacturer with Tiffany London founder of Tiffany Rose and Alie Street

We visit Tiffany London, founder of  British brands Tiffany Rose and Alie Street, to hear her advice on how you can build a successful relationship with a UK manufacturer How did you come up with the idea for Tiffany Rose’s maternity wear? The idea came to me when my big sister was attending a wedding,…

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Looking for a UK garment manufacturer? Don't start with Google

Are you looking for a UK garment manufacturer? Thinking of starting with a Google search to find a factory to make your clothing brand? Let me stop you right there. A search engine is not a good place to start in pursuit of your ideal UK garment manufacturing partner, and here’s why… Do a Google…

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