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How I can help you find a UK factory and suppliers for your UK-made brand.

Find a UK Manufacturer with Make it British

Looking to Find a UK Manufacturer?

If you're looking for help to find a UK factory or supplier, you’ve made the right decision by coming to Make it British!

We match British brand founders with factories.  Helping people who want to make in the UK connect with people who can make it for them. 

We can help you on your UK manufacturing journey - from finding the perfect UK factory to guiding you through the process of developing your products from start to finish.

With Kate’s 30 years of industry experience neatly tucked inside her British-made bag, we run on the kind of insider-knowledge that’ll turn around your business, and turn you into the expert your business needs. 

Over the last ten years hundreds of designers, buyers and retailers have worked with Make it British to find UK clothing, textile, homeware, accessories and handbag manufacturers and we’d be delighted to help you too!

Want to make a product in the UK?

Grab our free masterclass about how to find a UK manufacturer.

The 5 Steps to Finding a UK Manufacturer Masterclass draws on my experience of the last 30 years of developing products with manufacturers and helping creative small businesses to find and work with their perfect manufacturing partners.

This masterclass is for anyone who…

Has an idea for a product but doesn’t know where to start.

Is making products themselves and would love to find a factory to make them instead.

Is already making products in the UK but would like to make more.

Is making their product overseas but would now like to make them locally.

Grab the Free Masterclass Now!

Need more help to find a UK manufacturer?

Apply for 6 months of intensive, brand-building 1-2-1 and group coaching with Make it British founder Kate Hills.

From the first email you send your supplier, to the launch day Instagram caption you publish to announce your first collection, we help you develop, market and sell your British-made products online (and offline).

This is the business-building British Brand Accelerator. And you can learn it all inside our 6-month coaching programme. 

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Kate Hills UK Manufacturers

Hello, I'm Kate

I’ve been passionate about UK manufacturing ever since I had my own recycled clothing company and micro-factory in the early '90s! After 20 years as a designer and buyer developing products all over the world, I launched Make it British to support creative business founders that want to make locally.

Over the last ten years, I've helped 1,000s of businesses to work with UK manufacturers. Now it's your turn!

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